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Now, at the age of 23, he thought that his time spent in the war was long behind him. I've been doing the old hopping around in military installations.

For me personally I want to professionally dance and DJ. Gina, Reality Wanted: Had you been to NYC often before coming to film the show and how different is life there than back home in Utah? Baya: I had been to NYC once when I was young, but I had never spent any real time here. From the transportation to the food to the nightlife, they don't even compare.Be sure to catch new episodes of The Real World on MTV – Wednesday nights at 10pm ET.(Image courtesy of MTV) For more The Real World Links visit Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Returns with Season 7 Premiere October 7 Season 9 of ‘Total Divas’ Premieres October 2 on E! If You Where To Follow Justin Bieber Or Debby Ryan You Would See That Debby Ryan Or Justin Bieber Ant Following Each other. If anything, I wanted to relish my time with everyone in the house. People like Scott, Baya, and Chet have been wonderful in the whole process. I didn't wanna pee on anyone's parade, if you will. Whenever I went out and did things, I went out to enjoy my time. Gina, Reality Wanted: Were your roommates supportive? Baya has become a great friend because of this and those three have been marvelous. Gina, Reality Wanted: What has the reaction been like, regarding your military background?

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