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But he hurries to explain."That disparaging comment he made: he was ragging me, not you," Mr. "He knows you're a reporter, 'cause I told him. In other circumstances you'd love him." Later, unprompted, he adds: "I should have apologized earlier for that remark."Rush Limbaugh, a sensitive guy? You're sitting lower than I am."Rush Limbaugh, master of gender etiquette? The Harmless Little Fuzzball, as he refers to himself, does not go overboard on this sensitivity stuff. ' " he asks slyly, referring to the movie starring Paul Newman and Sally Field, in which Ms.

He still calls women who work for newspapers "reporterettes" and women who work on television "info-babes." When he mentions Hillary Clinton on his nationally syndicated television show (produced by Roger Ailes, George Bush's former media adviser) he plays a bar of "Hail to the Chief." And he did, after all, dream up a feature for his nationally syndicated radio show known as "caller abortions," in which he got rid of tedious callers by playing a recording of a vacuum cleaner mixed with a scream. But oddly enough, beneath the bombast, there beats the heart of a romantic, the shy high school guy who rarely went out on dates, the child of the 60's who has never owned a pair of blue jeans and the insecure college dropout and couch potato who has survived two bad marriages and some lonely stretches in the wonderful world of New York dating. Field plays an ambitious newspaper reporter who betrays her sources.

" "It is undeniable that we have a major immigration problem and a political party that needs a permanent underclass of voters that wants that parade of illegal people who are uneducated, don’t even speak the language, they want them here. That alone would suggest that this has gone on way too long and we need to stop it.

Most of me is devoted to my work, and you've placed that off limits. I have a vacation coming up the first week in April and I haven't the slightest idea what I'm going to do. "They're going to want to go walking around town, and I don't walk. "I'm into making people happy, even though I'll make myself miserable."He lives in a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side that he says he has never bothered to fix up.

I'm feeling like a dolt here.""I'm not riding the crest of a wave," he continues. There's nowhere I want to go."Let's make this easy: if you had to go to a desert island, which three people from all of history would you bring? His assistant, Kit Carson, says his boss doesn't even have a dining room table on which to plunk his Chinese takeout.

“The militant environmental movement is the home of the new socialists in America, and they’re after the punishment of America. To socialize America, the first thing you do is you say, ‘America’s responsible for the destruction of the planet. It’s smokestacks,'” the radio host explained.“But we make a mess by existing, and we’re the ones who can fix it.

America’s responsible for all this,” Limbaugh told PBS’s Charlie Rose in 1992.“Here’s how. And you need freedom, you need democracy, you need technological advancement.

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