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Monitoring and purchases of general office supply; checking stocks, anticipating requirements, verifying receipts and stocking items.It’s time to learn how to create a blog for free and make money if you’ve ever struggled to.This in turn helps to weed out the noise and attract well targeted traffic to the site.We’ll register for an affiliate account with Clickbank. Simply, it has affiliate program, similar to Amazon and many others where you earn a commission if a visitor to your site purchases an item of the company through your special link. Vendor pitch page: You want to visit the actual sales page to see whether or not it’s convincing enough.The groups should ideally have a minimum of 10000 members to merit our attention.Again, look for questions and discussions concerning your niche.Here, you kind of narrate how the product has been helpful to you in a personal, story-telling fashion. We’ll need to make the site more legit and boost ranking in the search engines.This will be achieved by publishing more relevant contents. Those contents will act as supporting posts to the main review or product posts.

However, if you’re not in a position to purchase it, make time to research from different sources.

If not, pick ideas from product reviews from the creators and compare it with the general public perception.

The internet should be your friend in this exercise.

Pro tip #1: It’s extremely important to look out for a product with a discount or coupon code. Pro tip #2: I highly recommend you to compare two products under the same niche.

Discount or coupon is one of the most powerful psychological triggers for people to take buying decisions. For instance, I used the same technique to promote Hostgator and Bluehost hosting services.

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