Radioactive dating methods contribute to the study of evolution

This is used in Paleontology because it helps paleontologists understand evolution and how things adapt to their suroundings.

It is also essential because it helps to see the rate of evolution.

At the age of 17, Arthur Holmes attend Gateshead Grammar School before enrolling into the Royal College of Science or The Imperial College London, where he studied Physics.

Radioactive dating one application as it involves determining half-lives and decay. Stereology is used to determine the sizes, volumes, and areas of certain rock sections.After nine years at Durham University, Holmes was promoted to the chair of geology at the University of Edinburgh, which he held until his retirement in 1956.Scientific Theories: English geologist Arthur Holmes made not one but two major contributions to our under-standing of how the Earth works.Paleontology is also used in Astrobiology and helps find life in the beyond Robert Ernest Butler has written: 'Paleontology and stratigraphy of the Cynthiana formation' -- subject(s): Geology, Stratigraphic, Paleontology, Paleontology, Stratigraphic, Stratigraphic Geology, Stratigraphic Paleontology As far as I can tell there are no colleges in Florida that offer paleontology classes, but if your serious about paleontology check out Mesalands Community College Tucumcari, NM This college is problely the best paleontology college out there The subjects to choose are math and science. I suggest that you read about lots of different scientific specialities, computer science, chemistry and physics and biology and paleontology etc., and then you can see which of these you find to be the most interesting to you personally.I selected renown Geologist Arthur Holmes, because of his geological contributions to the scientific community.

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After graduating from college Holmes found work in Africa as a mineral prospector, which he had little success.

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