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A brilliant being with bat wings then coalesced, with the words in Russian: "I have conquered" visible against the sky.The Ship of Fools website personnel traced the story back through a series of letters to editors and various Christian newsletters.A trial began on 1999-MAY-3 in which Procter & Gamble are suing Amway distributors for allegedly reviving the Satanic rumors in 1995..'' The latest rumor is that the head of P&G appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show on 1998-MAR-1.Looking at the beard of the old man with a mirror, the number 666 is said to be visible.The chairman of the board of P & G was supposed to have sold his soul to the Devil.The originator of the "bat out of hell" addition admitted that it was a fabrication, intended as a joke to prove how some religious folk will accept a totally outrageous story without checking it out.

Trinity also published an article on their Internet mailing list.This is a reverse CUL; it is a rumor that is anti-conservative Christian in nature.Rather than support the estimates by many Christian and Jewish conservatives that the earth is between 5 and 10 millennia old, this legend says that radio-carbon dating has determined that the age of the earth is about 4.5 billion years. Radio-carbon dating loses accuracy as you go farther back into the past. Scientists compute older dates by using longer lived radio isotopes, like potassium-argon or iridium-lead. Over time, the cross evolved into a star, then the single star became 13 stars - one for each of the 13 American colonies. It was presented as a documentary of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and triggered a Satanic panic throughout North America.A man in the moon was added around the end of the 19th century; this was a widespread image at the time - something like the "smiley face" is today. The P & G story expanded to include an allegation that the company was supporting Satanic cults with 10% of their profits.Then, an executive of the company was said to have admitted that "due to the openness of our society," he was announcing his company's connection with Satanism on a TV talk show.

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