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Growing up in a family affiliated with organizations like Arachim and Gateways, with a strong involvement in kiruv, she has personal and hands-on experience with drawing people closer to Judaism.

Professionally, aside from working in a non profit organization as the executive director for a number of years, Sharona has spent many years working in sales and administration in the corporate business world.

You’ll know if a girl has been at Miss Garfinkel’s shiur if there is a thoughtful look in her eyes and a smile on her face. Estee Wallerstein, which makes him ‘family’ to Ohr Naava.

Yanky Elefant, dubbed the “right hand of Ohr Naava,” grew up in Boro Park, and attended the Mir Yeshiva High School, followed by Bais Medrash and in Mir and Torah Vodaas. Despite his regular ‘day job,’ Yank y’s real passion, to which he devotes his days, nights, and all hours in between, is the success of Ohr Naava.

She teaches dance in Flatbush and in various hotels in the summer. Max is a certified professional life coach and founder of Kosher

She also gives private dance lessons to brides and their family members so they can feel confident on their special day. His in-depth experience with at-risk youth, for almost 15 years, enables him to leverage this expertise and focus on early intervention and PREVENTION.

He directed “The Living Room” project under the clinical supervision of Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW and successfully brought it to worldwide recognition.

The Living Room has become a model program for supporting young adult growth and re-integration with society, family and religion of origin.

He is the co-founder of Foundations for Jewish Learning, an outreach project in the US and abroad.During the summers, Miss Garfinkel directs Camp Frontier, a teenage hiking camp.Miss Garfinkel lectures throughout the United States, Canada and Eretz Yisroel.She has been teaching Tefilla and Moadim at Ohr Naava since its inception on a bi-monthly basis.Chevi’s upbeat and down-to-earth style of teaching has kept her students coming back year after year, long after graduation.

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