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This is the task of another program that comes with Qt Designer: uic, the user interface compiler.You need to call uic twice to generate both the header file and the implementation file of your dialog class.Assuming that uic is in your search path, you can generate the header file as follows: /**************************************************************************** ** Form interface generated from reading ui file 'pizza.ui' ** ** Created: Tue Jun 20 2000 ** by: The User Interface Compiler (uic) ** ** WARNING! ****************************************************************************/ #ifndef PIZZAENTRY_H #define PIZZAENTRY_H #include /**************************************************************************** ** Form implementation generated from reading ui file 'pizza.ui' ** ** Created: Tue Jun 20 2000 ** by: The User Interface Compiler (uic) ** ** WARNING! ****************************************************************************/ #include "Pizza Entry.h" #include /* * Constructs a Pizza Entry which is a child of 'parent', with the * name 'name' and widget flags set to 'f' * * The dialog will by default be modeless, unless you set 'modal' to * TRUE to construct a modal dialog.to locate the libraries and header files shipped with Qt.These libraries and header files can then be used to build libraries and applications based on Qt.The recommended way to use Qt libraries and headers with command.For example, Create moc code from a list of files containing Qt class with the Q_OBJECT declaration.

The rest describe the individual widgets by listing their names, their classes, and some of their properties.find_package(Qt5 COMPONENTS Core REQUIRED) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_COVERAGE "$ -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage") # set up a mapping so that the Release configuration for the Qt imported target is # used in the COVERAGE CMake configuration.set_target_properties(Qt5:: Core PROPERTIES MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_COVERAGE "RELEASE"), some variables will be populated with information required to configure the build, and macros will be made available for use.Only those properties that are different from the default—i.e., those values that were automatically set when you created the widget in the form—are listed here.You could in theory change values here, but this is not recommended, since you might break the format if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Of course, no C compiler can use such a file, so you will have to convert it first.

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