Prevent google toolbar from updating can we be friends after dating

Q: Does the open-source Chromium browser auto-update like Chrome? Chromium does not have its own auto-update process, so if you are deploying Chromium, do you not need to worry about turning off auto-updates.

If you are affected by this, and still want to disable Chrome updates (NOT RECOMMENDED), you may do so by using 'Update policy override' as described here.

Všechny funkce lišty Google Toolbar jsou ve vašem prohlížeči již integrovány.

Have spent a long time trying to disable updates (literally hours, reading forums and testing various (some exotic) solutions), and this was driving me crazy.

I use Commodo Firewall HIPS feature to stop even executing.

I have set no rules for internet access but if somehow it does get to execute I will get a popup asking if I want to grant it internet access.

Search for prevent google toolbar from updating:

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But there what seems an infallible solution (see further down).

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