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Steven welcomes all feedback, so if anyone has any ideas aside from mine about how he could improve his odds with the ladies, feel free to chime in by commenting on this post. I love music, and if you get to know me you’ll find out why this is ironic.

Oh, also, if you know any single women in the NY/NJ area, obviously email me so I can forward their info to Steven. I’ve played in a few great bands, have made some great music, love playing out, listen to music all the time, and really love everything about it.

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Alas, he is having no success on Match, or, really, anywhere. He has asked for my help, and consented to be on this blog, which means he’s an awesome sport!

Thanks, Steven, for allowing your dating misadventures to be the focus of this voyeuristic yet extremely insightful website, I mean, entity.

It doesn’t go exactly that way, but you get the gist of it.

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I recently tried to get into photography, but my perfectionism has held me back a little with it. I also really love the beach, especially Stone Harbor, NJ.

I’m going to keep trying because I really love it, though I have always hated getting my photo taken. I try to take care of myself, work out as much as possible (3-4 times a week). If you don’t love animals, I’m probably not the guy for you.

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