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Perhaps your family could establish family media rules, such as having to check with a parent before downloading a new app or game.Having a common charging area so you can easily check phones could also be a good system for your family.Tinder – Users post pictures and scroll through the images of other users.When they think someone is attractive they can “flag” the image.

Children also think they can “sext” without parents finding out.So, if you see the poof app on their phone, you may want to ask them what they are hiding. Remember, your child’s safety is more important than their privacy.As a parent, you aren’t being nosy by checking their cell phone on a regular basis; you are being responsible.Untruthful, mean, character-assassinating short messages are immediately seen by all users in a specific geographic area.” : This app is causing problems in schools across the United States, with students maliciously slandering teacher, staff, and other students.In fact, several schools have now banned smart phones from campus because of this particular app.

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