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We interviewed 40 diverse gay men and simply listened to their stories.

It was cathartic and, empowering, we really wanted to change the existing market offering and give the community something new, something valuable.

He’s going to need you to be his sense of reason through it all and help him figure out how to balance his life (let's face it boys don’t know how to balance anything).

Honestly, at the end of this process, he is probably going to be better at doing laundry and scrubbing floors than you ever thought he could be. Sometimes all the time you are gonna get with him is a quick ice cream run at 2 a.m. But, sometimes you have to take what you can get without complaining because the last thing he wants to come home to is a girlfriend who is whining about what he was just doing.

Thank you for taking an interest in pledging our dating service!

It’s a long battle to overcome inherent prejudicial behaviour and this is but the first small step we are taking to actively change people’s perceptions.

You have to remember the reasons behind why you probably joined a sorority or a club; to make lifelong friendships and find a place you belonged. You have to give him his chance to shine and his chance to make those friends that you already have.

He has watched you grow in your life, and now it’s his turn.

Contrary to popular belief, being in a fraternity is more than just getting blacked out every weekend.

Making friends can be hard when you attend a big university, so this is his way of reaching out to other guys.

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All details pertaining to your employment are always deleted, following the completion of the vetting process.

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