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We probably don’t own a home, and we possibly don’t own a car.In reality, we have more in common with undergraduates than with professionals in the “real world,” but we are too old for the former. The risks that we take in finding love can, believe it or not, be good practice for our future careers as we discover that a tenure-track position is unfeasible or we are forced out of our comfort zones at key network opportunities.So the next time you’re deep into Slavoj Žižek, take a moment to ask the person next to you what they are working on.Chances are that they, too, are seeking an escape from emails or spreadsheets – or worse, Friedrich Nietzsche.So, here are four tips for making your search for love more creative during your Ph D. Tap the cafes One of the first things I tell my students about learning Spanish is that it requires a complete abandonment of social inhibition – being unafraid of making mistakes, and, in fact, actively looking to make them so you can learn.As clichéd as the image of the coffeehouse intellectual may be, we Ph Ds are, in essence, paid to read.So if youre looking for an intelligent, university-educated partner, join Ivory Towers and start connecting today.

Since we started in 2004, thousands of postgrads from Oxbridge and beyond have found love, friendship and marriage through Ivory Towers.

The rest of the list includes bars, religious functions and sports clubs. Furthermore, according to a Vault romance survey, 29 per cent of couples who meet in the workplace end up in serious long-term relationships, with two-thirds of respondents adding that they would repeat the experience if the opportunity arose.

These results have been confirmed in the UK and in France, too.

The French psychologist Loïck Roche finds that because the workplace is a challenging environment where colleagues share emotional triumphs and defeats, it is favourable for developing close relationships. There is a plethora of themed groups on this site – from hiking groups to cigar clubs – that you can filter by interest.

This means that the people you meet are likely to enjoy the same activities as you, along with lessened expectations of any romantic advance.

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Libraries are the workspaces of academics, so don’t be shy the next time you’re checking out a book or speaking to the librarian. The Professional Here I don’t mean the 1994 flick about a hitman who teaches a 12-year-old girl his trade. One of the advantages of “looking” while at conferences is that your efforts can have a double effect. On the other, they are good practice for networking.

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