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Suddenly, Mark was pissing all over the cushion right beside Clare, Sarah aiming his dick so that he peed all over it and against the back of the sofa too.

And some of it was visibly splashing onto Clare, at which she grinned with glee.

The rest of us watched in rapture or chuckled with delight at this sight.

Even as James continued to piss, Mark stood and unzipped his fly, and produced his dick, inviting Sarah to hold it for him.

I assured her that I had some clothes her size when it was eventually time for her to leave.

As she disrobed, I suggested that we all join Clare in removing our clothes and before long all six of us were totally naked.

Anyway, we love many aspects of pissing, including wetting, golden showers and even drinking each other's pee.

And we love watching pee porn together, and sometimes we get great ideas from it.

Problem is, our expensive carpets are so damn difficult to clean that we seriously regretted it in the morning, having to spend ages cleaning it as best we could, and still having to shell out on an expensive professional carpet cleaner.She got up from her perch upon the sofa and asked him to turn around to face it, aining his dick towards the right hand cushion where she had been sitting.The two nurses, Clare and Sharon were sat in the middle and left hand cushions, Clare in the middle.Love to do it in someone else's place too - with their approval, of course - but that has never happened.Anyway, also via pee fetish sites we have met and become close friends with two other couples who share our interests.

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