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Although Paula played nice in public, sources say that she was ultra-pissed off at losing what was probably her last decent job.After Paula, 49, got the boot from X factor Janet, 45, immediately put out the word that she wanted the gig. Although Paula had insisted that she harbored no bad feelings about leaving the truth was that the former American Idol was ‘very very angry’ according to insiders.“The bottom line is Janet and the rest of the Jackson family thought Paula treated the Jackie pretty badly.

It also featured Abdul preparing for and making a variety of public and/or television appearances.Paula's boyfriend throws her a birthday party and surprises her with her dad and other family members.Janet Jackson has hated Paula Abdul for almost 30 years since she blames Paula for whoring around with her brother Jackie Jackson while he was still married. Now the battle is back on the front burner since Paula has flipped out at Janet for trying to replace her on The X Factor USA.We meet her acupuncturist while she does an interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.Later, Paula meets with producer Peter Lord, whom she hasn't worked with for over ten years, to discuss her getting back in the music game.

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