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(8.10) - Alice (Linda Lavint begins to wonder how much her son (Phillip Mc Keom knows about women, when she finds a picture of a naked lady in his wallet This is a sniggering show with lots of aural voyeurism, if that s your thing Adam West shows up as a sex education teacher aaa IO U p.m.

(6) — Most Wanted obviously took its inspiration from the Chowchilla kidnapping case Here CB radios are used to flush out private citizens who are kid napped and released as soon as a small (0) ransom is paid The kidnappers deal us volume business, you see much like a discount store a * * 10-11 p.m. from the original cast of A Chorus Line ‘ makes her TV’ debut on The Carol Burnett Show doing Boys and Girls Like You and Me " Skits include Harvey and Tim Conway in the Sahara at "Harry's Mirage." A family skit and a finale devoted to songs about rain Dorati Conducts Concert From the United Nations General Assembly hall in New York.

Antal Dorati conducted the National Symphony Orchestra for the 1976 U S Day Concert, to be broadcast Sun-dav at IO p rn.

on Channel 5 WOUB-TV 20 and WOUC TV-44 of the Public Broadcasting Service As the United Nations' salute of the American Bicentennial.

By TV SCOUT BEST BET — Wonder Woman begins a two-parter which ends on Monday night It s an outrageously camp cartoon. (6,13) — The next-to-last round of play in the Walt Disney World Golf Classic comes live from Lake Buena Vista. (8,10) - CBS Sports Spectacular brings all the big action from the Texas Twin 200 Automobile Race, the Russian Gymnastics Exhibition from London, England, and the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus. (8,10) - CBS unveils its rearranged Saturday lineup as The Mary Tyler Moore Show leads off It s a funny episode which brings domestic problems to the news room Lou (Ed Asnen is caring for an old man (Ned Glass), Ted is having a problem with his adopted son (Robbie Rist) and Mary is learning the art of selfishness aaa 8-9 p m (3,4, IS,18) -Emergency!

which will turn off some people (and their TV sets), but which will greatly amuse others. Wonder Girl (Debra Winger), shows up to get WW (Lynda Carter) to return to Paradise Island Only it s WW who convinces WG to stay, so she in turn can convince their mother (Carolyn Jones) that WW is indeed needed to fight the Nazis Guests include John Saxon. blends the heroic with the mundane Gage and De Soto (Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe) are preoccupied with an advisory committee while they perform a couple of dating rescues and hassle with the painful results of an over-affectionate Great Dane Frank Aletter appears as the woleful, would-be dog trainer. (8,10) — A gem of a Bob Newhart Show has Bob out of his element when he.

America’s ranking soprano, as Rosina in Rossini's ‘‘The Barber of Seville,” Sunday at 2 p m on WOUB-TV 20 and WOUC-TV 44 Miss Sills was given the title “America’s Queen of Opera" in a recent Time magazine cover story The title reflects the many royal personages she has portrayed and her stature rn today's opera world The New York City Opera Production will be staged and conducted by Sarah Caldwell, the director of the Opera Company of Boston Program host will be Dick Cavett The Barber of Seville" is produced by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and is presented on PBS in collaboration with WNET.So when Beverly (Lori Shannon), the transvestite Archie saved last year, shows up.Archie sees a way to get even It s funny, even if the end is kind of mean ‘Wonder Woman’ 9-10 p.m. Known for playing attractive, dark-featured character actor with a voice like thunder, and eyes like a wolf, who was featured in less than sympathetic roles throughout his career. Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

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