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The way David reacts to Sarah's every move/ touch is made perfectly clear by he's quick arousal, very early on in the book. Maybe it was too similar to the first book that I was expecting more.I am finding this difficult to write my review because I didn't dislike this book, i did enjoy it. I just found the endless back and forth conversation a little tiresome. I understand they are 2 different stories but the concept is virtually the same.She reassures herself that she isn’t betraying Lane. So when David decides he wants to paint Sarah, in exchange for helping Sarah in finding a long term partner (one that lasts longer than 3weeks) and what she needs to change or do to meet her man. Neither are willing to take the sizzling tension to the next level.After all, Sarah wants marriage and 2.5 kids, and David has made it more than clear he will never want that. The chemistry between David and Sarah was clearly obvious to the reader.I really hope there’s a book about Erica coming up.All my reviews can be found at https://bookblog.uk/.Sarah I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. In this story we get the same characters as the previous book, but the romance is now centered around Adam’s sister Sarah and Lane’s original love interest, David.

However, David doesn’t care about Lane, and is relatively indifferent to Sarah’s desire to keep their arrangement secret.Sarah and David are attracted to each other from the beginning, but Sarah won’t act on it because she thinks that Lane might still have an interest in David and she doesn’t want to break the girl code with one of her best friends.David doesn’t care about Lane, and is relatively indifferent to Sarah’s desire to keep their arrangement secret.2018 ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA RITA AWARDS FINALISTYou need to learn the rules, fast!Sarah’s brother Adam has been educating her best friend Lane in the arts of the Kama Sutra for weeks, all in the pursuit of Lane’s real target, David Bennett.

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