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And so, over the years, I have found the whole dating/finding a significant other a little bit problematic.

It’s not that I mind being single but at my age you do begin to wonder whether you are ever going to see another person’s genitals ever again.

Also, all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

After months of writing about human interaction, I have been known to feel the need for a little human interaction myself.

Still, there I was in her posh new office telling her what I looked for in a man apart from a pulse. We were supposed to be meeting for lunch, but he arrived straight from having had a burger, so he didn’t want to eat. He did, however, still live with his parents and his Nan.

It takes a little while for the other penguins to get used to my strange smell and share their fish, Or something.They were an American company but they’d set up an office (sold a franchise as it turned out) in Leeds.The company supposedly does what it says on the tin.Apparently there was not a bloke in the whole of Leeds that met my criteria. It’s not a great boost to the ego to be told by someone who claims to be a great matchmaker that there is no-one out there for you. Eight years or so later, I had all but forgotten about It’s Just Lunch. I was on a train to Manchester when they first tried to call me. So, when she assured me that IJL was now a more streamlined business I listened.To be honest, it sort of confirms your deepest, darkest fears about yourself. I hate sales calls at the best of time, but someone trying to give you the hard sell when you’re saying “Look, I’m going into a tunnel now. My ears may have pricked up when she told me of their fantastic success rate, customer satisfaction and great risk-free introductory offer.

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His first IJL date had been with a woman from London.

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  1. The questions regarding dating and disabilities are what you would expect and, I think, something people with disabilities think about already: My first piece of advice is to remember that everyone goes through the awkward stages of a new relationship and getting to know someone, regardless of disabilities.