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It would chill the growth of social media and conscript every online platform into a new role as content police."Just as with the problems of “Napster” regarding audio recordings years ago, digital content is again being hosted on peer or nodes.Rogue companies such as “” and other peer to peer file sharing sites operate under such a principle, thus seemingly evade IP and copyright laws.You could even say that the quality of your heading dictates your first impression.for discovered that proper grammar is one of the first determining factors when landing a relationship.According to PC Magazine, The legislation would overturn the notice-and-takedown process in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and would slow U. technology innovation, with new Web-based services likely targeted by copyright holders, critics say. Department of State's push for Internet freedom worldwide, they say."This is a bill that would eviscerate the predictable legal environment created by the DMCA, subjecting online innovators to a new era of uncertainty and risk," said David Sohn, senior policy counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology.SOPA would lead to censorship of legitimate websites and protected free speech on sites that may contain some infringing content, critics say. "It would force pervasive scrutiny and surveillance of Internet users' online activities.Also, a study on 12,000 dating profiles on e uk revealed that a certain collection of choice words help in attracting mates.

Further, this could have a crippling effect on creativity and educational content distribution.

Opponents say SOPA and PIPA could do significant damage to websites that rely on user-uploaded content like You Tube, Wikipedia, Facebook and community news-sharing site Reddit.”“To what lengths will they (studios and the record labels) go to accomplish their goals? They lobby for the passage of bills that would give the government enough power to not only attempt to stop piracy and fail, BUT while failing would also infringe on free speech, cost millions of jobs and hamper innovation all at the same time.”The birth of SOPA and PIPA has been established through the efforts of the lobbying arms of the studios and labels The MPAA and RIAA. Today the studios and labels rely on DMCA take down notices to handle piracy on websites such as You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook.

The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) allows the website to take down the content within a specific period of time after receiving a DMCA notice without penalty.

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We have been there recently, since passage of the Patriot Act – where and when will it stop?

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