Online dating falling in love without meeting

(“He’s just your type of dude—that eccentric, sensitive, creative type. You could be his girl.”) She’d given Troy the hard sell on me, too. Troy had clearly done his research on me: He’d drop random British slang words into our exchanges to impress me, which I found charming.He used his encyclopedic knowledge of music to woo me too, sending MP3s each morning to download for my morning commute, usually some ethereal jazz tune—Thelonious Monk, Donald Byrd, Alice Coltrane.The soulful electronic music he made suggested a gentle heart. He was on the road again, headed to Baltimore, and he seemed happy to have a distraction from the banter on the tour bus.Plus, Crystal seemed convinced that we were made for each other. Before long we had a cheeky repartee going, shooting You Tube clips back and forth, everything from the ridiculous (psychedelic motion graphics of dancing kittens) to the sublime (studio recordings of Minnie Riperton from the 1970s).In the dream sequence that played out in my mind, everything was perfect.Things did unfold with genuine tenderness to begin with.Troy had a string of gigs on the East Coast before the holidays, so it made sense for me to tag along for final few dates before heading to Los Angeles with him for Christmas.

Still, he had the swagger to pull it all off, and beyond the wild stage outfits, there was something quietly intriguing about him. ”) And so the seeds of our digital romance were sown. “Hey shy guy, sorry I missed you the other night.” Troy texted me back with a smiley face within minutes.

And yet the idea of casually dropping the L word into a Face Time session with Troy—or worse still, via text—seemed like relationship suicide. I didn’t have to lose too many nights sleep over it. Inside was a journal, and a pair of inky-blue penny loafers that Troy had bought at the suggestion of Crystal, someone who I now considered to be my fairy godmother.

Even confiding in a friend about my emotional state felt mildly insane. The shoes were a lovely gift, though it was the contents of the journal that really stole my heart.

I obsessed over the setup in my bedroom as if it was a full-blown photo shoot.

Was the mood lighting so dim he’d think I had something to hide?

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It was the kind of sappy romantic gesture I wouldn’t even have dared to try in high school.

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