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The UNHCR estimates that, following a 2007 government campaign that distributed citizenship certificates to 2.6 million people, there are some 800,000 individuals without citizenship certificates in Nepal in 2012 (), estimated in 2010 that there could be from 1 to 2.4 million people without citizenship certificates (14 Feb. The same source indicates that some citizens were unable to obtain their certificates during the 2007 campaign due to various factors, including the lack of documents related to land ownership certificates required to prove one's length of residence in the country; illiteracy; lack of awareness; poverty; discouragement to the girls and women in certain communities to apply for citizenship; difficulty in getting supporting documents on account of poverty; damage or destruction of records at the VDCs [village development committees]; and non-availability of the VDC Secretaries in several VDCs, particularly in conflict-torn Terai region. 2010) Similarly, an article published in states that many citizens displaced during the civil war can face "almost insurmountable difficulties" in obtaining their certificates because of problems in obtaining documentation from the village development committee, a reluctance to deal with the authorities, or the expense of travelling to their original district headquarters (Apr. The article indicates that married women also face challenges because they often require permission from their husband or father-in-law to take any legal or administrative action ( states that they "[confirm] the legal identity of Nepali nationals and [provide] access (or improved access) to rights, opportunities and services that would not normally be available to non-citizens " (Apr. Various sources outline services and rights that require a citizenship certificate, which include the following: indicated that the Electoral Commission had been accepting other forms of identification for the issuance of voter identification cards, due to "pressure" from Madhesh-based parties (21 Feb. According to the Second Secretary in Ottawa, birth certificates display the following information: the child's name; the parents' and grandparents' names; the place of birth, including village development committee and ward number; the date of birth; mother's and father's citizenship certificate numbers, date issued, and issuing district; name and signature of the local registrar; and date issued (Nepal 13 2012).

The officials from both the Washington and Ottawa embassies stated that birth certificates are issued by the local village development committee office or by the ward office of a municipality (Nepal 4 2012), part of the Ministry of Local Development (ibid.).

There is no national database of citizenship or of certificates issued; therefore, to confirm the validity of a citizenship certificate, one must contact the issuing district administration office directly.

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The back of the document displays the following: the citizenship certificate holder's signature; type of citizenship; right and left thumbprints; the issuing authority's signature, name, and designation; and the date of issuance. (Non-Resident Nepali Association) 2012] Internet sites, including: Alert Net; Amnesty International;; Digital Opportunity Channel; Factiva; Freedom House; Human Rights Watch;; Minority Rights Group International; Nepal — Consulate General in Hong Kong, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Ministry of Local Development; Nepal Drives; Peace Women; Women's e News; United Nations — Integrated Regional Information Networks, Ref World; Xinhua News Agency.

The certificate is printed in Nepalese and resembles a "small card." The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Nepal in Washington, DC, in an interview on 23 January 2012, added to the foregoing information that the certificate indicates the holder's sex or gender. Copyright notice: This document is published with the permission of the copyright holder and producer Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).

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