Not updating access query for null

The fld Date Sent field is set to Date/Time for Data Type. Input mask is empty and the format is set to Short Date (Doesn't matter if the date is set to short date or empty).

The following example calculates the number of records in the Orders table: If expr identifies multiple fields, the Count function counts a record only if at least one of the fields is not Null.

I have tried to do this using a update query that has EVERY field from Table2 in it updating to EVERY corresponding field in Table1 based on a criteria of some kind. Then you can use some If/Thens to update the values if len(Field1) 1. I know what I want to say but I'm not sure I said it right.

I've tried putting criteria of Null in the criteria of each field in the update query. Brett wrote: My database has 2 tables: Table1 & Table2.

For example, you could use Count to count the number of orders shipped to a particular country.

Although expr can perform a calculation on a field, Count simply tallies the number of records.

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