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One refugee noted, “The culture of sex in North Korea is not conservative.A liberal sex culture is certainly not encouraged, but as far as sex is concerned, people make their own choices.” Another refugee explained that many North Koreans begin dating in middle school.One refugee has speculated that “high divorce rates, and the tendency for Party officials to have mistresses and extra-marital affairs meant that the Party was reticent about dictating to the people about their love lives.” Indeed, the party elite have never been shy about their sexual endeavors.Kim Il-sung also perhaps inadvertently changed the sexual culture of his country when he remarked, “It is quite distressing that there is a barrier between North and South, why should we have a barrier between men and women?Students aged 14 or 15 are sent into the countryside to help farmers for 40 days in the spring and 15-20 days in the autumn.At night, students begin to experiment with drinking, smoking, and dating.On the other hand, this is still North Korea we are talking about, so we would expect some things to be different.It is rare for anyone to date or marry outside of one’s songbun (social class based on political loyalty).

The regime preferred they focus on courting the opposite gender rather than examining the causes of their crumbling society.As a result many resort to dangerous methods of pregnancy termination such as falling down heights or ingesting tuberculosis pills. As a refugee explained, “In middle school, in the age of 16, it is very important for students to have a girlfriend and also participate in the gang fight.” Those that failed to do both were ostracized.Dating culture only really liberalized in the 1990’s.Because songbun is a label belonging to an entire family, if a cousin gets into trouble then one’s songbun may drop.This may ruin any current relationships, and hamper dating prospects in the future.

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” This statement led to the integration of single sex schools and other sex segregated institutions, thus creating more opportunities for boys and girls to interact.

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