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I defiantly used “chick” in my pro-Riggs essay because, as Frank Sinatra-passe as it sounded even then, I knew it infuriated my colleague, and it felt good to strike back at the upstart feminist movement, to grind it under my heel. If you’d told me that half a lifetime later, I’d be listening to a 40-something guy on the radio using the word “chick” for essentially the same denigrating purpose -- and claiming to make a seven-figure income off it -- I would have rolled my eyes. Which is why I’m perplexed/fascinated that the grown-up me is helping to make Leykis the Arbitron-certified king of the male listener in L. Why did I laugh so hard the other day when he spent an hour on how men should give women backhanded compliments (“Honey, you’re so pretty I don’t even notice the extra weight”) to keep their self-esteem low and their behavior compliant? “Men say, ‘It’s not OK to [harass women] at work, but thank God I can turn on my radio ...

while I’m hammering a nail,” suggests Ann Simonton, a former fashion model from Northern California who started a media-literacy program two decades ago after she was raped at knifepoint and began thinking about the way the media portray women.

While I don’t understand the physics, I see the result. But even if it doesn’t help you sleep, the benefits of reading still far outweigh the benefits of television. While some couples have successfully navigated the television schedule and actually go to sleep together ( we never could. but more likely, she liked watching TLC far more than I did. Household electronics continue to use energy and electricity even when powered off. Inherent in each of these reasons above is the reality that removing the television from your bedroom means that you will watch less television.

Light reading in the evening helps many fall asleep faster.

The better we define those rooms and their purposes, the more productive they become. One less television means one less financial drain on your checkbook. Removing the television from your bedroom will help you give it to the people who need it the most. Successful couples notice them, discuss them, and find compromise that makes both sides better. Our marriages require us to be intentional and thoughtful. If words on a page aren’t quite enough for you or your partner, commit to try it out as a 30 day experimentation. I’m just saying your life will be better if you do.

And isn’t there enough dust already in your bedroom… Removing the television from your bedroom will almost always encourage more reading in your life. Removing the television helps foster intimacy by not just going to bed at the same time, but by falling asleep at the same time as well. It’s called standby-power and it amounts to 5-10% of your total electricity bill. There are very important people in your life who need your attention every single day. When two imperfect people come together to form an intimate union that shares everything, there are bound to be some problems along the way. And there are all sorts of good reasons for that: 11 Reasons to Ditch Your Television, 10 Reasons to Watch Less Television, 4 Simple Reasons to Sell Your TV. Again, I’m not saying you have to remove the television from your bedroom.

Leykis is trying to explain that men are simply more driven to succeed than women, driven by the need for ... Once I was at the radio station answering the request line, chicks would call in, ask me to play a song, and then they’d ask me to come over after the show. S., whom he met at the station; she moved into his Hollywood Hills home two months ago.)*II: Am I really listening to this?

Success in talk radio requires the ability to glean insights from small events, and Leykis immediately offers this pair: First, we don’t need laws like that.Leykis -- married four times, thrice-divorced and separated from wife No.4 for the last two years -- is honest enough to describe the show as an act that evolved into a point of view.Second, ladies, if you’re worried about protecting yourselves from other camera-toting creeps: “Buy some ... ” And we’re off and running with the commanding general in radio’s war for the male demographic. “Women want the right to be exhibitionists, but if anybody looks....” “Tom Leykis broadcasts from the intersection of Libertarian and Libertine.It is an angry, lurid battle in which social critics of all stripes can find moments of fulfillment or hopelessness. on KLSX-FM (97.1), and you may conclude that society has tilted in a manner resembling “Planet of the Apes": that women have assumed the upper hand, forcing men to fight back grimly and mercilessly or perish. ”) Through a glass panel, De Milio can see Leykis, a gnomish 46-year-old man, standing in front of his mike, wearing shades despite the near darkness, pounding on his opening theme. It’s a simple neighborhood with a simple philosophy that has occurred in the gut of just about every American man and, in some cases, made its way to his brain. ”Men who in more reasonable times would have been considered normal single guys employing normal trial-and-error approaches to casual sex become, in the Leykis format, political prisoners, victims of a stacked deck in which calculating women get their way at men’s expense.

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