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I know that it is unusual to begin menstruating at this age, but is it abnormal? Are my friends accurate when they say it could be caused by too much bovine growth hormone in the fast foods she eats? She is mentally and emotionally still very much a nine year old.Groton, New York There is crucial information your daughter needs to know about precocious puberty.Wide variations are seen in the sequence and timing of these events, but peak growth velocity (fastest growth rate) always precedes menarche.

In girls, the breast bud is usually the first sign, and is seen on average at 10-11 years.

A low-fat diet, high in natural sources of vitamins A, C, E and zinc, is protective.

Vegetables seem to be protective for other reasons as well, which is why the National Cancer Institute has come out with their “five a day” plan (which sounds hard, but is not so bad when you see what they call a “serving” — one carrot is a serving).

While their “adolescent” growth spurts are over early, they will continue to grow until their bones reach final maturity at about age 16.

Now for the crucial information: The earlier before age 12 a girl starts her period, the higher her lifetime risk for breast cancer (probably from the prolonged estrogen exposure).

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