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In the next section you will see most common NFS exports: Here are the most common NFS export techniques and options:export /home/nfs directory for host with IP read, write permissions, synchronized mode, and also export /home/nfs directory for another host with an IP address with read only permissions and synchronized modeexport /home/nfs directory for host with an IP address read, write permissions, synchronized mode and the remote root user will be treated as a root and will be able to change any file and directory.Now that we have familiarized our selfs with some NFS's export options we can define our first NFS export.Execute rpcinfo -p to check correctness of your NFS installation and to actually confirm that NFS server is indeed running and accepting calls on a port 2049: Furthermore, before we start exporting and mounting NFS directories, your system needs to actually support network file system.

-o intr—this option is used in a non-reliable network, or network having more network congestion.– For a directory that seldom changes or that is owned and modified by only one user, like a user’s home directory, decrease the load on your network by setting acdirmax=120 or higher. It is the minimum number of seconds a directory's attributes are cached on the NFS client.The default value for this attribute is acdirmin-30.When installed correctly, the NFS daemon should be now listening on both UDP and TCP 2049 port and portmap should be waiting for instructions on a port 111.At this point you should have portmap listening on both NFS server and NFS client: All directories we want to share over the network using NFS need to be defined on the server side of this communication and more specifically they need to be defind with /etc/exports file.

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