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But its sheer loudness upsets many residents and puts to test the neighborhood's tolerance of religious differences.Adhan begins with Fagr, the morning prayer as early as a.m., followed by Dhur in the early afternoon, Asr in the evening and Maghreb before sunset. The call commences half an hour before worship and lasts for one or two minutes."It's way safer now." According to Idris Conry, 58, owner of Abu's Homestyle Bakery, the mosque's presence did make streets safer, which encouraged commercial development and a more vibrant local economy. "We have the right to a call to prayer." But it's not just Muslims who appreciate the calling.

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Please join us to for our “4th Annual Iftar In the City” event in the Bronx to celebrate the month of Ramadan.

“Iftar in the City” is an annual celebration that brings together NYC’s diverse communities during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

"At times, I have customers that are annoyed because they just don't know," she said.

"Most customers are put off by it because they aren't from here.

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This gives Muslims enough time for Wudu, an ablution of the body, before the actual prayer service that lasts approximately 10 minutes.

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