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Dorothy Dandridge locks lips with the white John Justin, but Harry Belafonte’s kiss with Joan Fontaine — originally in the script — was removed.

(The film was protested and boycotted by theaters regardless.) Lucy and Ricky pecked and smooched more than they — generally considered TV’s first black-white buss — took place against their will, their mouths pressed together by a magic spell. And yet, at a time when pop culture has never been more diverse, movies and television seem to be lagging behind reality in depicting interracial love.

Despite the flaws our world has when it comes to race relations, I believe people, especially younger people and students, are leading the way to a more accepting society.

Millennials are the most accepting demographic regarding openness to interracial marriage.

"A United Kingdom" reminds us that it wasn't too long ago that skin color was a barrier to overcome for some couples.

In fact, it wasn't until the year 2000 when the state of Alabama finally changed its decision and lifted the ban on the right to an interracial marriage in the state.

Postwar pop culture reflects the racist anxieties of those times.

Hollywood’s first mixed-race kiss was in the 1957 drama , which features two black-white couples on a fictional Caribbean island.

Many of our parents lived to witness this repeal, yet we tend to forget this unfortunate part of history.

This film reminds us that a visual image today of an interracial couple is almost entirely a non-issue, certainly among millennials.

As a college student at ASU, I witness many interracial couples daily, which is something past generations could not witness.

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