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The Gorilla is among the best and most iconic mascots in the league. When he’s not taunting the opponents or dancing with referees, Benny is great at pumping up the crowd.What was meant to be a one-time gag during a Suns game in 1980 quickly took the crowd by storm, and the rest is history. His antics even landed him on The Jerry Springer Show (inset). The Raptor checks all the boxes: dinosaur, intimidating, funny and full of antics.

An anthropomorphic cayenne pepper, Cayenne has flame-ridden arms and a rust red complexion.

If the educational system has been adjusted to cater to women, why are there still so many stupid ones?

" - Wronghorns January 23, 2006 Red Nek Tiger - The Anti-Metrosexual - mngvol March 7, 2007 Speaking about the Holy Bible - "Yes I agree should not be taken literally." -swampmonster July 7, 2008 I love Cocks!!!

College is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, largely due to being surrounded by fresh-thinking, eager students, and a strong camaraderie (and sometimes the lure of cheap beer).

Colleges and universities look to capitalize on these feelings by generating school spirit, an abstract concept often summed up and brought out by a college mascot.

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