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seem to struggle with this concept ;- that people are individuals and not the collective mass they hope…Read Full Review Written on: 07/03/2013 All i can see from this review Is same old same have joined hundreds of others who have been banned in the same way from mse.admin dont "BANN" clique do!!! Yes admin have a willing amount of brown nose people willing to do the Dirty work for admin.Despite many of its members being on benefits, probably for very genuine and good reasons, there are frequent threads chastising 'benefit scroungers'. Smut well yes the paid up members stand out a mile when they put a smut Thread up.My thoughts are the company is so desperate for money They just want paying members only. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Oh ;- and don't be fooled by those who do appear to have a mind of their own ;-as those individuals are merely towing the line ;- pandering to the Ten Commandments of mse. Just trawling around the net i see this review centre.

I explain in the text that my photos are 'under review'. Read Full Review This site seems to be very friendly and laid back but the conversations area causes some problems.

There are a number of people that have been on the site for many years and it is quite common for them to gang up on newcomers if their face doesnt fit for some reason.

Written on: 09/03/2013 In response to the above comment ;- I'd say that it was and is a combination of clique and admin.

working together in imperfect harmony to conspire against those who dare to possess an open mind.

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Look's like nothing has Changed there then, For "me" iff' i had been banned by admin,i would have accepted the bann,"BUT" i was banned by people in ROOM 101.their downfall came when a lady member exposed just what was going on.admin just accepted their words,i was told by a member that the "gang" yes the words "gang" were about to get me banned very weeks later i was banned for an abosulute triviol post i made.

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