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This is often what happens when you have a country full of mafia douchebags that have stolen all the money from the country and its citizens – no elasticity of price – you can either afford something or you can’t.Nowhere else is the old adage “If you have to ask you cant afford it.” truer than in Eastern Europe and other “developing nations”.So your mission number one is to hit up the malls and the coffee shops to find yourself a cool date that can show you around. Here you can expect to get something like a drink, a soup or salad and a small pizza for - whereas the normal menu price might be or , perhaps more. The waiters and cooks are dressed up like doctors and the waitresses are dressed up like sexy nurses. Shooters – Judging by the website they cater to foreigners so watch out for DAFFs and other douchebags.Lots of places are advertising business lunch deals so look for it and ask for it – you’ll save a ton! I cant begin to tell you where this place is, only that its relatively near the center, in a back alley, in the basement of an apartment block with no signage whatsoever. Supposedly there is a ladies night where ladies drink free and no men are allowed in until after midnight. In conclusion, while Kiev is not a top choice, you can certainly make it happen there. You may find that you are passing through Kiev anyway en route to some other place – if that’s the case its definitely worthwhile to spend a couple of days.The good news is that it is still possible to have a great time in Kiev in a reasonable budget, however, you really need to know where to go. I got a place for per night (short term) very close to the center.It’s a little bit more than many other cooler destinations but this will be your only major expense.

There are exceptions though such as Prague, Riga, Zagreb and to some degree definitely Kiev.Ukraine is a place where it is absolutely crucial that you exercise The Single Dude’s Rules for Money.You might want to take it even a step further and make the first date is a simple walk in the park, second date coffee and third date dinner.Kiev, Ukraine, a major city right in the heart of Eastern Europe.It’s certainly a place worth visiting at least once but I’m going to have to surprise even myself here and give it a mixed review.

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