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The marquee below includes the names of 17212 people whose lives are acknowledged on this memorial wall.Their names scroll on the screen 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year.“North East India”, -the first time you heard these three words, I’m sure other unpleasant words “insurgency” or “troubled zone” would follow in your mind.I don’t blame you for being cautious because that is what the media tells you about.

Unfortunately, this has been ignored in most of the current discourses.

Ahora tendremos nuevas secciones como las minicríticas, las recomendadas de la semana, y a partir de la próxima semana repaso a las noticias y sección recomendación de restaurantes.

Hemos incluido página en el face y el twitter que de manera constante dirá lo que pase en la web.

Moreover, constructing ethnic culture area based on ‘history’ for the purpose of fascist political agenda could be equally dangerous.

This is exactly what North East India is going through.

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