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Though that partnership has ended Hingis said she remains open to other opportunities.Certainly there must be many eager to tap into her tactician's brain.I wish they had had Hawkeye." Hingis, who had string of romances with athletes ranging from Radek Stepanek to Sergio Garcia before marrying equestrian jumper Thibault Hutin, pulled the plug on her career at 22 because of ligament damage to her ankles."I was scared to move," said Hingis, who had already logged tons of miles from her junior and pro career. Then, Yonex started sponsoring her for shoes and racquets.

Both her parents were accomplished players, but Hingis' game was shaped by her ever-present mother, Melanie Molitor, who relocated to Switzerland with Hingis when she was 7. I also apologized to people where things were said. "She came off many ways — confident to arrogant to haughty to open to blunt," ESPN commentator Shiver said.Hingis had most success with Jana Novotna (they teamed for three of her four majors in 1998), who was 12 years older. "At the end of the day you shouldn't have any regrets," said Hingis, who called the 1999 Paris defeat far more devastating.Hingis said the two years she played with Russia's Anna Kournikova were her most enjoyable. "But one of the matches I would like to turn back in time was the French Open final obviously.Perhaps the most disheartening part of Hingis' legacy was her second exit from the sport. The Hall of Fame shows that things like that don't matter.She tested positive for cocaine at Wimbledon in 2007 and then received a two-year ban from the International Tennis Federation. It's the achievement and the career that count." Whatever the truth, it clearly had little effect on the Hall of Fame voters.

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