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However, there must be also something I don’t like so much. But still, I have been avoiding living in Slovakia because of a bunch of things, and it’s not only my big urge to explore the world and other cultures. If in countries like Spain or Italy where everyone smokes they could prohibit smoking in these places, I cannot wait to this happen in Slovakia finally too.

I cannot stand when my hair and clothes smell like ashtray!

Unfortunately, in case you did not know the basic facts about Slovakia, my country is located in Central Europe which means we have no sea and no beach 🙁 I know we wouldn’t have such a beautiful nature and most probably the mountains we have now if we were on the coast, but just having a beach might make me stay in Slovakia for longer. I should be grateful for this beauty at least 🙂 This is the biggest problem for me in Slovakia.

I lived here for 18 years, then another 5 years in Czech republic where the mentality is similar.

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Smoking allowed in bars is one of the reasons why I don’t go out so often when in my home country.

When meeting new people on the road, we almost always get to the topic of me not drinking alcohol.

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You would need to see their faces when I say that me, a person from Slovakia, does not drink alcohol at all and it’s been years.

The truth is, that even abroad people know we drink way too much in Slovakia.

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