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Further, she also contributed to the video game Need for Speed: Undercover by starring as federal agent Chase Linh, a seductive lead character.

She turned as an assassin gone rogue, the lead character on series Nikita which is based on the French film of the same name.

Maggie was selected by Jackie Chan while she was in Hong Kong and Chan was impressed seeing her potentiality in acting.

She received the intense training from him which made her understood the importance of professionalism.

Q stated that she was not able to touch her toes and had never done martial arts but became motivated her own stunts.

Maggie started her acting career in 1998 from the television drama named House of the Dragon, which proved to be a massive hit.

Her performance on the action thriller impressed superstar Jackie Chan which compelled him to cast Q in Rush Hour 2 and Manhattan Midnight.

Maggie was featured in the action film Naked Weapon in 2002 where she appeared as martial artist assassin Charlene Ching.

After that, she went to Mililani High School and while being enrolled over there, she used to be active in cross country, swimming and track & field.

She was the winner of the “Best Body” title during her senior days. Being active in sports, she earned the athletics scholarship from a private university where she studied veterinary science.

Because of some financial problems, Q’s parents were not able to afford her and later she left her hometown with a motto to earn enough money.

Gemini Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Pound Ridge, New York, U. She started her primary education at the Mililani Waena Elementary School, where she studied till 5th grade before moving to Wheeler Intermediate School.

After that, she got enrolled at the Mililani High School and graduated in 1997. She made her movie debut in the Cantonese horror comedy Gui ming mo in 2000 for her role as Anna.

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