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A magical folding technique enables this to be folded into a secure packet -- once opened, it is difficult to reassemble.

The folds are numbered, and as opened, gradually reveal separate images and poems.

When news got around to Esther, the buxom model went off on Twitter, completely refuting Bow Wow's claims. Lil homie ACTUALLY said that sh*t." Esther continued, N*gga really shot for the stars with that one!!!

I have family deluxe, since we were joined by my brother, his wife and their 40kg farting rottweiler this morning.

However, obviously, some people don’t have the luxury of companionship (whether or not it’s a flatulent canine) and may require some assistance in avoiding loneliness. They identified that there were posts about the Isle of Man on and that the site was therefore likely to attract people from the Isle of Man. I haven’t delved too deeply (if you’ll excuse the pun), as the “woman” with the fishbowl in her hand on the front page scared me off by being too manly. The UK Dating Group which runs this odd contact site is also responsible for uk which urges you to “Just point and click” and is designed for those individuals who lose it it bit when relationships end. Shockingly, all the faces on the lovegundating site are the same as those on the IOMfishdating site.

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