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Been in one or another relationship for the last 16 yea..." "Just looking for a gal to talk (write) to - particularly on adult subjects rather graphically - though not limited to that. Be a good discussion point for the right gal, for sure... ;-)" "Lesbian 100% luv it gud dnt fuck u:) IM A V3RY OUT GOING P3RSON LOV3 2 MAK3 PPL LAUGH ND HAV3 A GR3AT TYM3 I DONT LIK3 BOARING PPL SO Y3AH...! I am Honest, Faithful, Caring, Loving, Giving, Respectful of others, I lead a very active life style, I enjoy going out for movies,dinning at very fine restaurants i also love to golf and basketball.BUT I LOV3 2 TRY THINGS ND IM LOOKIN 4 A GURL THT I CAN CALL MY ALL SUM ON3 OLD3R TIR3D OF TH3M LIL GURLZ Y3S IM A L3SBIAN LOV3 IT OR HAT3 IT I DNT CAR3 ITS M3 AND I LOV3 IT..!!!!! I am proud that I am a very sensual and sexual loving lady whom gives great importance to my partners happiness!

13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. 16.) A REAL MAN lets others know How He Feels About you. 18.) ..." "Never say Never I am orginally from Sydney Australia, located to Houston 05, I am a single mum of a handsome boy who is my life.

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