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According to one of the versions, a monk named Valentin secretly crowned young couples in love during the marriage ban because of the order of Emperor Claudius II.

A decree prohibiting marriage was issued at the time of the war of the empire to create a stronger army.

Nowadays, it is not known for certain whether a Saint by name Valentine, in whose honor Valentine date was named, actually existed.

Date Valentine Day is celebrated wordwide on February 14th.

Remember, the point of having a gay boyfriend in the first place is to have him help you convince others that he is your straight boyfriend.) We all know that Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year for singles.

But with Dean’s simple dating advice, this year can be the first year that you actually survive this dreaded holiday unscathed. But if you don’t have love in your life this Valentine’s Day, remember to simply pretend to others like you do.

As a dating advice expert, singles are constantly asking me how they can possibly make it through yet another Valentine’s Day…alone. This dreaded holiday is only fun for those people who are in love; those who have that special someone in their lives to buy them Godiva Chocolates, a dozen of red roses, and lots of sparkly diamonds. What are all of the single people to do on this holiday while all the others are gloating in the glory of this completely annoying holiday?

For those of us who are single, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that especially sucks.

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If you are single, the most important thing you can do is to convince others that you are desirable.

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