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Approximately one month later, Emily goes missing, after having just broken up with her slacker boyfriend, Keith Merrick.Emily's murdered body is soon discovered buried in a remote shallow grave.In fact it was only because I was captivated with the beauty of the daughter Dani Kind that I kept watching the rest of the movie.However the rest of the movie barely makes the grade as being competent and the movie itself looks like it was written very quickly with the Actors not putting much thought in their performances.Its very simple and plods along simply and predictably.The "Mother" and "Daughter" both play good roles for what the movie is but the rest of it is all very average.Finally, try not to sit there and wonder or worry about it. This was 2 years ago so I won't be holding my breath.Sometimes I wonder if she left because she was scared that online dating might work,.

Ever since that night he has been plotting revenge. See full summary » Carrie is an attractive high school history teacher who one day decides to help a troubled student, taking an special interest for him, unaware of the ruthless and perverse scheme masterminded for her.

I had just downloaded it and within a few hours was matched with a girl. Do not get vested in some rando you met online before going on at least 2 dates w them.

I tend to want to at least talk to them once for a short while.

As a favor to Dawna, John accepts Emily into his class to help her complete her degree requirements.

Although Dawna is attracted to John, with others who know them both seeing them as a good match, John confides to David that he sees her nothing more than a friend.

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  1. You can also chat with up to 12 friends at once and it’s free for i OS, Android, Windows, and Black Berry. It’s incredibly simple to use and you don’t need a password, you just need just to enter your phone number, email address, and first name.