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Through the course of the next two years, Tell would continue writing and rewriting material, as well as recording.Brian Ireland, drummer for Something Corporate, would come in to help him during the recording process and also play shows as part of Tell's band.Do you talk to your fiancée about what you’re doing in school?She’s extremely supportive of me being in law school, which is funny because I mostly come home and want to forget about it or to talk about what I’m doing at work [at LA entertainment law firm Ziffren Brittenham].And the music business wasn’t exactly banging down my door. Was it strange to be studying music business in college after, you know, having succeeded in the music business?Oh yeah, it was surreal to say the least — professors would ask me, “William, how does work now? And at the same time, even though I’d been in the band, I was doing what I had to do to afford school.During a break between touring for the band, Tell decided that he wanted to pursue his own solo career.On February 4, 2004 it was announced by the band that Tell had left.

On a Wednesday evening in January, William Tell, a 33-year-old 3L at USC Gould School of Law, was sitting in the backyard of the L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, a few blocks away from his apartment, sipping a scotch and munching on a bowl of pasta.But I didn’t know that would happen when I made the proposal to my parents.I think about it now, like, “What the hell was I thinking?I thought about being on tour when I was 40 and I looked at my friends who were really successful in music and they didn’t seem that happy. I didn’t need a degree in music business and I didn’t really want to go back to undergrad, but I had to get a college degree in order to go to law school.And I looked at my friends who really successful and they seemed even more bummed. I wanted to go to law school because I’d always been fascinated by government, politics, history. And being a lawyer gives you a route to professional autonomy if that’s what you want.

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