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It’s what I wanted, and it’s very much what I got from the experience.” The sense of going about her business on a day-to-day basis without being recognised was, Marling admits, “extremely liberating”, yet there was a downside to such a level of anonymity that was both unforeseen and extremely disappointing. “Well, it was a fairly small part of my year off, but I never finished school or went to university, and so I have no academic training.Using a pseudonym, she applied for a poetry course at a university in upstate New York, but was turned down. I had this weird sense of pride that I had managed to organise myself enough to put together a portfolio and a pitch – and they were relatively organised documents – only to experience the weird feeling of not being chosen. As a person I want to be understood, but not as an artist.Only they aren't, because that perhaps falls to Marling and Mr Mumford, who she is actually going.It’s not snobbery that has lead to Laura dating high-profile musicians.. Laura marling dating johnny flynn Johnny Flynn | Music | The Guardian Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling Duet Video Sing Travel Light Watch: Johnny Flynn - ' The Water' ft. Laura Marling: ' My heart can't take much more' | Music | The Guardian The biggest thing Laura Marling had ever won before.I don’t know if it’s quite in my nature to be like that. I had made plans to do a lot of stuff in my time off, and a big part of it was something like that course.All I know is that I just wanted some time to travel on my own, it really was that simple. It was interesting and relevant to me, because the poetry I write is definitely not the lyrics I write, but something different. Not getting on to the course was a vulnerable experience.” And a learning one, too?It feels like there’s no grown-up presence there; it’s like you’re in an orphanage, or something like that.” Living with her then boyfriend, off the grid, with no management or agents, booking gigs herself, playing small venues: it sounds like heaven for a private, bookish songwriter who has reluctantly experienced her fair share of publicity via Mercury Music Prize nominations (for 2008’s ).The touring aspect of her time in California, she says, “wasn’t as troubadour-ish as it sounds. I’m not sure – there is something romantic about it, isn’t there?

Her debut album, Alas I Cannot Swim, has rightfully drawn comparisons to Carole King and Joni Mitchell in their respective heydays.

And it felt quite natural to come back, too.” Most of Marling’s work has been strongly influenced by LA’s Laurel Canyon 1970s singer-songwriter community, and in particular the works of its totemic songwriter, Joni Mitchell.

Did she travel such a long distance on a whim, or was there something strategic about her move? About two years ago, I’d been travelling around the US doing a tour by myself for a couple of months.

on the DVD included with the special edition of Laura Marling's album, I Speak Because I Can. Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling "Travel Light" - You Tube Latest news and comment on Johnny Flynn. | Cha Cha Johnny Flynn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A Larum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Similar artists to Laura Marling – Free listening, videos.

had a chat was less than two years ago, outside an east London pub no more than a few minutes’ walk from her house.

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I got over it, though, as one does.” And here we are, back in east London, having most assuredly got over it. Some people get lost in the impersonal version of themselves.

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