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This led fans to speculate on an actual marriage, and these comment were subsequently picked up by some media reporters who took them as facts.

It was soon proved to be false, but it kept our hearts pounding for a while. Kim Jong-kook is stated as follows about Yoon Eun-hye. If someone approached her, I thought I must protect her.” Kim Jong-kook said: also Moon Geun-young.

Making his debut as a singer with all the boy-group Turbo at 1995,” Kim Jong-kook (born April 25, 1976) became the very popular idol of the moment.

Even the duo disbanded in 2000, providing his the chance to begin a solo career.

In the preceding episode, Ha Ha inquired if Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo had a connection previously.

He talks about his ideal woman on TV shows, but the real lover information is not reported at all.She could not have a connection with someone else worked with.It was really sad, since Kim Jong-kook’s mommy already gave her blessing.According to SBS Korea, Yoon eun Hye is currently dating Rain and they look so sweet as a couple. Yoon eun hye is not dating anyone right now and according to what i know...i think her last boyfriend was some one from her school.However there were controversies about her and Yoon sang hyun (co-star from my fair lady), idk if its true.

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