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Cold Pizza combines a unique blend of sports, pop culture, lifestyle features and consumer advice – all customized for ESPN viewers (Who exactly are they again? ESPN2 then re-transmits the show again at 9am - 11 am EST each day with live news updates, to try to freshen up the cold pizza - which begs the question, can you serve cold pizza from the night before, twice ?

All heart and no gumption - New York's most poorly funded TV show of all time had no set, no audience, no backdrop, no effects, no guests and only one camera - It lasted four seasons on a shoestring budget until it went stone cold itself.

The Final edition of Cold Pizza aired on May 4, 2007.

The show was replaced by a similar program ESPN First Take.

at something as subjective as dating, but there are definitely ways to be kinda bad at it--and many of us are at our worst in our teens and early twenties.

We can only hope we get our most cringy relationship regrets out of the way sooner rather than later so we can learn from them.

The show airs each week from Monday through Friday , with live episodes airing from 1 pm-3pm.

After spending a decade in ESPN, she decided to switch to CBS, and she started working for CBS from the year 2013. The world of anchoring is not easy, and it takes a lot of confidence and hard work to be successful in this field.What was once a quirky morning show with a debates mixed in, has turned into all debates with very little interviews.If the Bayless/Smith combo was in a format like PTI, I'm all for it, but two hours built around Tim Tebow and Lebron James banter is not my cup of tea.She started her education at a high school called Andover High School, and later she joined the University of Michigan, and she graduated in the faculty Bachelor of Arts from there in the year 1993.This beautiful lady currently works for CBS and has been able to win millions of hearts.

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This is why it always blows my mind when people get jealous of their partner’s friends.

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