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After that, she started dating Jesse Lee Soffer in May 2014.At the current time, Sophia is still in a relationship with Jesse. SO CUTE :) for a while he was going out with the goalie from the UNC soccer team - her name was rachel. for a while he was going out with the goalie from the UNC soccer team - her name was rachel. And it is rumored that James Lafferty is dating Rachel Wilson, but that's supposedly over... Sophia Bush is on and off dating Austin Nichols (Julian from One Tree Hill)...

but now Sophia Bush is on and off again dating Austin Nichols (Julian from OTH) and James Lafferty is suposedly dating Rachel Wilson.... kenzie Dalton of course because the entire time her and chad were dating he was in love with Sophia is heart belonged with Sophia and now Sophia has him best wishes to chad and Sophia you will make it this time Yes. She has been seen kissing other girls on and off the sets she is on.

From the mid-2013, she started dating an American Google official Dan Fredinburg.

They proceeded with this affection life for about a year and they separated in February 2014.

"We're rehearsing every day and running around with the director with scripts in hand... It's really exciting and it breathes a whole new life and a new energy into all of it."While Sophia may be romancing on the small screen, she's content with living single (after splitting with boyfriend Austin Nichols after six years) in real life:"For almost a year now, being on my own has been amazing…I'm such a sucker for love and I believe in it and I always want it to win," Sophia told us. We're talking about the fact that every kid who reads that article, every kid who hears that said, every kid who sees a bunch of people wearing confederate flags and 'God Hates F-gs' T-shirts, showing up at Chick-Fil-A and eating chicken nuggets, you're telling those kids that they don't matter.

"I don't think you can really, truly be the partner you want to be until you know on an absolute level that you are a complete person on your own."Not that the tabloids haven't tried to link Sophia with some Hollywood hunk or another (most recently, she was spotted with star Topher Grace, instantly sparking rumors of romance)."It's really annoying," Sophia admitted. The reason I take issue with it is, especially in America, we are told that this is the place—give us your tired, give us your hungry, give us your poor—where anybody of any race, of any belief system, can come and have a shot at the American Dream. Oh wait, unless your skin is a certain color, unless you have a certain sexual preference. We are all supposed to be equal here."She continued, "When you use God as an excuse to hate people and you use God as an excuse to cut people down, first of all, I think it's insulting to God. And that they're less important than other kids in this country.""My God loves everybody, and if yours doesn't, that's your prerogative, but don't tell me how to live my life and don't tell my best friends that you're going to take away their rights," Sophia concluded.

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They dated each other for a while and them at long last got occupied with May 2004.

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