Is post dating a check ilegal

A Post Dated Cheque is one that has a date in future.

If you are the person receiving the check there shouldn't be an entry until the date the actual check is cashed.

However, legally, some jurisdictions have laws that allow the negotiation of post-dated checks under the premise that the payee should be able to collect immediately when given a check.

That certainly sounds like fraudulent intent to me.

Starting 1st May 2025, the check is a valid check and is worth the amount mentioned in it. Section 4-401 of the Uniform Commercial Code provides that it is perfectly legal to write a post dated check, though many banks tend to lie and say that it is illegal so they can get out of admitting they made a mistake by accepting it, at the same time banks, car companies, finance companys, etc require postdated checks as security on loans so this is more proof that they are blatant liars when they tell… For example I wrote ( 5 ) post dated checks last winter to a company that handles my snow removal of my residence Each check was dated the last day of the month .

( November / December / January / February / and March ) That way the company could cash the checks at the end of each month if I went somewhere warmer for the…

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