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The resources below are free and available to us to use at any time.

My membership in SHRM provides free information, white papers, case-law information, and cutting-edge research capabilities along with toolkits for how to best handle EEO and SHP-related issues.

I recommend that we use these resources in the future to ensure legally complaint decision-making processes related to EEO and SHP issues. ID=030b9cb8-8e56-433c-a410-cc94ccb64b3a I know we share a strong commitment to the consistent application of all (Company)’s policies as well as legal compliance with all relevant city, state, and federal laws related to EEO laws.

Additionally, I know we share an awareness of the importance of precedent in our decision-making processes and our handling of EEO issues in a legally complaint manner.

Additionally, we have a responsibility to investigate complaints promptly, thoroughly, and soundly.

Just as important, we have a legal responsibility to prevent any harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation based on any category protected by our city, state, and federal laws.

SAMPLE MEMO CAUTIONING AGAINST UNLAWFUL RETALIATION CONFIDENTIAL To: Your Supervisor (Include any others on this list to whom this memo should be addressed.) From: Your Name Date: Re.: Concerns about (Company) Engaging in Actions That Could Be Characterized as Retaliatory I am compelled to express concern about how we at (Company) handle issues related to unlawful retaliation under EEO and other laws.

I am concerned about how the recent situation with (employee’s name) is being handled.

The more people who speak up, the less they can get away with legal noncompliance.Additionally, I recommend that all persons involved in EEO complaint-receipt, investigations, or determinations attend formal training on EEO and SHP compliance issues.I will follow this memo up with a list of quality upcoming available trainings in our area or via webinar.As you know, the EEOC has determined that if a workplace environment is such that employees are afraid to make complaints; this environment can contribute substantially to a viable retaliation claim.Additionally, now any employee who participates in an investigation is also protected from retaliation.

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