Internet vs speed dating

The advantage of speed dating is that you see your partner face to face, so there are no surprises, or tricky profile pictures.

Seeing someone in person, and hearing his or her voice makes it easier to decide whether you want to get to know the person better.

You no longer have to rely on your parents to find you a match, hang out at crowded bars or experience painful blind dates. If you are one of the many people trying to decide which one will work best for you, I can help you! If you are truly committed to finding love then you should be in as many places as possible to do just that.

Two very popular ways to find that special person are internet dating and speed dating. Internet Dating-Here is where you can find the answers to that whole big deal breaker list that you have in your head.

This way you avoid repeating the same bits regarding your work, age, education level, etc.The short time is a double-edged weapon, though: an unfruitful conversation between two singles, who clearly don’t have a chemistry, doesn’t drag as long.On the other hand, you also have a limited time to talk to an attractive person, and you’ll never know where you rank among the other contestants.Unlike speed daters, online daters have full control over who they want to contact, and there are no mandatory chat sessions.If you dislike each other, you can stop talking right at the beginning, and don’t have to sit there for another five minutes, awkwardly avoiding eye contact.

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