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I also started a thread on another website before I came to this one: Computer attempting to update bios after restart - Chipsets-Bios - Motherboards-Memory Someone suggested using a program called Killdisk, just in case it is a virus. Now my system will boot to windows randomly, when trying to acess my bios my keyboard sometimes wouldn't connet and it would boot to windows 2 times out of 5. Even after you updated the BIOS manually, and or let it update the backup BIOS?Wen't full retard and spilt water on my desk, so I'm going to wait a bit for the surface to fully dry before I open my computer and put anything electronical on it. Can you test with a single stick of memory and see if that helps. Go into the BIOS, and on the MAIN page press F9 for system info, and tell me if your BIOS shows Main and backup BIOS versions and if so do they match, if not what does it show the backup version as?Navigate to your motherboard manufacturer’s support page.2. I’ll confirm I want to open Q-Flash by selecting “Yes.”5.

Then it will boot right up into windows agian, not sure if its a virus or if I just screwed up installing my OS.Sounds like the backup BIOS is corrupt, but when the main issue happens and it flashes the backup that should be corrected.Memtest86 - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool If it continues on each startup, no matter what we try, it may be doing this because the backup BIOS is physically damaged somehow so on every reboot it tries to correct itself. I'm currently on PC, it was able to boot windows finally.If you want to learn more about the difference between the two, check out our post on the difference between BIOS and UEFI.Also, I’ll be following the BIOS update steps for my Gigabyte board.

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