Height difference dating

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Though every once in a while when I see us in the mirror I am taken aback by how much I loom over him. ” Franny, our trusty editorial assistant, and her girlfriend, Kerry, are exactly the same height.

It's not unlike how if "and" connects two noun phrases both must always be in the same case so it's either "he and I" or "him and me" but never "him and I" .

Edit: That is to be said "They are shorter than I" is absolutely the correct form and "They are shorter than me" is incorrect within the confines of classical modern English grammar theory anyway; the sentence can in fact be analysed in two different ways but both produce the same outcome.

Sometimes I call Mike my short stack of pancakes,” she told me. Not me.” Jana and Colin, who have been married for almost eight years, have a two-inch height difference (she’s 5’10” to his 5’8″). He’s so confident and funny and goofy.” The only time it felt odd was for a moment at their wedding.

“When we were first dating, he asked, ‘Is it okay that I’m not taller than you are? “We had a great photographer, but she had go-to poses for couples, and I remember some of them felt awkward.

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She kept wanting me to put my head on his shoulder, and I’m like, my head is bending really far down and it feels really weird.” Caroline is three inches taller than her girlfriend, Leah.

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