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Take the usual difficulties in meeting a man and throw in some painfully shy guys who’re used to rejection and mockery from the opposite sex and trying to win their hearts has gone from challenging to Nintendo hard, even when you already share a mutual love of Joss Whedon and retro video games. I’ve been the guy who desperately wanted the girls to approach him and the one who’s done the approaching.So start taking notes and hold your questions until the end; if some of the advice seems a bit contradictory to what I’ve said elsewhere, just wait. The first question many women would ask is “Why should I be interested in dating a geek? I won’t give you any of the standard fluff answers about how geeks are more loyal and less likely to cheat because they’ll be too grateful (the stereotype of the dateless virgin is outdated…If you’ve become frustrated dealing with men who’re intimidated by the fact that you are as smart as they are – or smarter – you need to find yourself a geek boy. Geeks feel things strongly and respond even stronger to the things they’re interested in. If you’re the sort of person with a large personality, this can make them even more afraid; they’ll become convinced that being rejected by you will turn into a full production that will guarantee that witnesses their humiliation.You will never find someone as excited about his hobbies or interests as a geek and his eagerness to share them. Take a good look at the current crop of a-list and up-and-coming comedians: Patton Oswalt. Think of them as timid little deer that you’re trying to convince to come closer so you can pet their soft fur.and besides, guys are guys regardless of whether they’re into fantasy football or Final Fantasy) or that they’ll treat you better than the usual Alpha Male types you’re used to (being a geek doesn’t mean you can’t also be a jerk). Geeks spend a lot of time lost in their own heads, which allows for the development of a rich imagination and a shocking level of creativity.They’ll surprise you with their insight; they have a way of looking at things from an unexpected angle. Geeks tend to be more sexually adventurous than most and are up for trying new things. Last Monday, I mentioned (to some small controversy) that attractive women can be intimidating to guys.Just as geeks love learning and collecting facts, they appreciate a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it. You have to let them know that you’ll welcome their attention.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Having Trouble Meeting And Attracting Women You were simply never taught what you need to do to meet beautiful women.Needless to say, college was the perfect experimentation ground to quickly discover what worked and what did not to meet women. I eventually pin pointed the methods that changed the way women reacted to me.Once I “got it” — I experienced an internal night and day shift.You won’t have to feel bad about not having a date to take to social events.You won’t have to settle for a woman that doesn’t make you happy.

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