Google shared calendar not updating

Normally, there would be on settings a system to place your Google account in to sync between Google calendar and the Android calendar.

If not, you can download another calendar that syncs perfectly with Google calendar and is also free (Tasks and Calendar is an app).

The old calendar could not be deleted on the Mac, it just re-appeared again (confirming that changes made on the Mac did not sync to i Cloud).

I therefore deleted the old calendar on my i Phone and it disappeared on the Mac as well. Then I re-imported the exported (old) calendar and gave it a new name. Probably would work using the old name as well (since internally the app uses calendar-IDs). All Events) So I could not see my data from prior months even though it was there in i Cloud.

The best option I've found is to use Microsoft Flow with the Copy new events in Office 365 to Google Calendar and send a notification template. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?I want it to be done only using the web apps without me having to update it every time I make a new calendar event, it should be done automatically.The solution is to log into Office 365 via, click on Calendar and then click on Calendar again under "My app settings".Events doesn't show up immediately, but it takes around 5 minutes. Visit Stack Exchange When I create or update a calendar event on one device, it is not being propagated to my other devices via i Cloud despite having i Cloud enabled for calendars on all my devices and the Apple ID being the same everywhere.

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